The new 2014 Alberta Building Code came into effect November 1, 2015. Section 9.36, Energy Efficiency will come into effect May 1, 2016. At that time you will be able to build with either the 2006 or 2014 versions until November 1, 2016. After November 1, 2016 you must use section 9.36.
2014 Alberta Building Code section 9.36 Energy Efficiency is divided into 3 main Scopes, that cover 3 main areas of the buildings energy efficiency;

                    1.Building Envelope
           3.Domestic Hot Water

There are 3 compliance paths

The following examples are based on
     •climate zone 7A – 5000 degree days (Calgary AB)

     •ventilation with Active HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) – when no HRV is used, the insulation levels must be increased as per Part 9.36 tables

     •HOT2000 Energy Modeling Software

     •Effective Insulation levels – NOT Nominal levels – I.E. a 2X6 wall with studs at 16” on center with nominal R-20 batts, has an effective value of approximately R-15.5.

This is the house you want to build – 
       called PROPOSED house
- 1902 ft2 2 story 
- full basement
- No vaulted ceiling
- Bonus room over garage

Create a copy of this house –
             called REFERENCE house
Based on the old EnerGuide 78
Create an Energy Model of this REFERENCE house – Use the Prescriptive section of Part 9.36

Effective Insulation values required by Part 9.36

Effective Insulation – NOT Nominal
Climate Zone – 7A 5000 Degree Days
HRV – No (must be modeled without an HRV)

Attic Insulation                                 R- 59.2
Wall Insulation                                  R-17.49
Foundation Insulation                      R-19.65
Cantilevers                                        R- 28.5
Windows Overall Average               R 3.55 (U 1.6)
HRV                                                   None 
Furnace                                             92% AFUE
DHW – Natural Gas Tank                 67% EF

Air Tightness Prescriptive Details

FDWR 17% Minimum 22% Maximum
Obtain Total Energy Usage for this REFERENCE house – 
Obtain Window / Wall Ratio
If the PROPOSED house has < 17% then use 17% for the REFERENCE house.
If the PROPOSED house has >22% then use 22% for the REFERENCE house.
Otherwise, match both if between 17% - 22%
REFERENCE house Total Energy Usage

131.8 MBTU
Walls                     2X6 24” O.C               R-20 Batts
Attic Insulation                                       R-40 Blow In
Windows                                                 Double Low E Argon
Foundation              2X4 24” O.C.          R-12 Batt
Rim                                                          4” CC Spray foam
Cantilevers                                             4” CC Spray foam
HRV                                                         74% / 68% 
Furnace                                                   92% AFUE
DHW                     Direct Vent  NG          67%
ACH                                                         2.50

Energuide Rating78

Create an Energy Model of this PROPOSED house – Use the REFERENCE house model as the baseline

Adjust insulation levels, windows, heating and DHW to suit.

Obtain Total Energy Usage for PROPOSED house.


130.5 MBTU

131.8 MBTU
PROPOSED must be equal to or less than REFERENCE
Build PROPOSED house with other minor prescriptive requirements
Simplified List - See Part 9.36 for details
See 2014 ABC Part 9.36 for details or contact us for consultation.

is the Fenestration Door and Window Ratio 

Most new homes are only 8% - 12%

For the reference house you must use 17% minimum divided equally on 4 sides. 

To produce the reference energy model, the code requires the non-HRV insulation values and no HRV to produce the energy usage model to compare to the proposed house.
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CONDENSED 2014 ABC  Section 9.36 PDF

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