2014 ABC Section 9.36 Evaluation
– Using 2014 Prescriptive Section 9.36 -     NON-HRV Tables

Effective Insulation values required by Section 9.36

Walls                    R- 17.49
Ceilings                R- 59.2
Foundation           R-19.65
Joist Rim              R- 28.5
Windows Overall Average R 3.55 (U 1.6)
FDWR                   17%
HRV             None for energy modeling
Furnace               92% AFUE
DHW                    67% EF Tank
ACH                     2.50

Energuide Rating78

Total ENERGY consumption for the REFERENCE house is 
131.8 MBTU

– Using Current Construction shown below WITH heat recovery added

The home was energy modeled using Hot 2000
Climate Zone 7A - 5000 heating degree days
1902 ft2 2 story with full basement
No Vaulted ceiling
Bonus room over garage
Walls2X6 24” O.C               R-20 Batts
Ceiling                                 R-40 Blow In
Windows                            Dual Low E Argon
Foundation2X4 24” O.C.     R-12 Batt
Joist Rim          4” Closed cell Spray foam
Can’t                4” Closed cell Spray foam
HRV –     74% 0 C     68% -25  C
Furnace                              96% AFUE
DHWDirect Vent NG          67%
ACH                                 2.50

Energuide Rating78

Total ENERGY consumption for the PROPOSED house is
 130.5 MBTU

C. PROPOSED HOUSE Uses 130.5 Mbtu

     REFERENCE HOUSE Uses 131.8 Mbtu

Since the PROPOSED house uses less energy than the REFERENCE house, the house is compliant.

No on site blower door test is required if PRESCRIPTIVE air tightness is used in theconstruction

To build the baseline, a copy of the PROPOSED house energy model is used to build the REFERENCE or baseline energy model to compare to the PROPOSED house

– As long as the maximum energy usage of the proposed house is equal to or lower than the reference house, you are in compliance.

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Energy Performance Compliance Report

Outlines the PROPOSED house components
Page 2

Energy Performance Compliance Report

Technical data from the PROPOSED house energy model and the REFERENCE house energy model. 

We perform Energy Compliance reports for building permit applications
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