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Cost ComparissonPerformanceSamplesAbout Energy CodesContactHome

There are 2 energy components to the 2014 Alberta Building Code.

Section 9.36 covers New houses and small buildings (under 300 m2) 
NECB ( National Energy Code for Buildings) covers Part 3 buildings as well as Assembly, Care & Detention and Industrial buildings, which may be under 300 m2. 

You can only follow one set of code requirements.

However, under each code,  there are generally optional compliance pathways.

There are 3 compliance paths - Click here for details 

1. Prescriptive - with and without heat recovery
2. Simple trade off (only within the building envelope)
3. Performance - Energy model required

So which path do you choose 

Really depends on what your building. 

Most cost effective: Performance
Most flexibility: Performance


Simple trade off (Prescriptive)

We can upgrade one area to reduce another area. I.E. if they need to use R-24 in the walls, and they are adding windows, we can use triple glaze windows to reduce that to R-22 walls


To comply with performance route
PHBI ( Professional Home Builders Institute)  is offering a webinar that explains in detail how Section 9.36 works. Click on the link to find out more and sign up. 
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